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From Scratch Baking LLC
530 W 79th St, #105
Chanhassen, MN 55317

When you walk into From Scratch Baking, you will see bakers busy in the kitchen mixing up one of the many delights that the bakery offers. Living up to its new name, the former Paragon Bakery bakes throughout the day so customers can enjoy freshly-baked, from-scratch treats.

It is great employees and planning that lets From Scratch Baking carry such an amazing assortment of baked from scratch goodies -- cookies and bars, sweet rolls and donuts, whole cakes and cupcakes, savory and sweet scones, fluffy muffins, breads and rolls, and specialty and seasonal items, as well.

They are proud to also offer a “made without gluten” version for almost all of these, in addition to vegan and Keto items. And, on many days, they even bake up treats for your furry friends!

Shannon Richter, the bakery’s new owner, is bringing her lifelong passion for food and baking to her customers. In March of 2021, she decided to purchase Paragon Bakery in Chanhassen and make it her own, renaming it From Scratch Baking to highlight the bakery’s commitment to making the best products possible with high quality ingredients, not mixes.

A California native, Shannon has been known for experimenting in the kitchen from a young age. After graduating from Duke University in North Carolina, instead of pursuing a corporate job, she returned to Los Angeles to work as an assistant pastry chef in an upscale Beverly Hills restaurant. There, she learned about the field of food science and became inspired to learn more about it. She earned a masters degree in food science at Kansas State University and her Master Baker certification from the American Institute of Baking. Shannon was later hired by Pillsbury, headquartered in Minneapolis, as a food scientist to develop baked goods. Shannon received a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota, setting her up for success as a future entrepreneur.

In addition to following her passion for food, Shannon also followed her heart-meeting and marrying her husband Brad and then starting a family. They now have three children: Ray studies electrical engineering at Colorado University-Boulder, Ethan is a freshman at Santa Monica College, and Aubrey is a ninth-grader at Minnetonka High School.

The process at From Scratch is unique: Shannon invites the From Scratch bakers to share their love of baking by experimenting with new recipes. The team then decides which should be added to the menu or featured as a special. One thing is for certain: at this local bakery, innovation and camaraderie are always on the menu.

Customers will soon see some of Shannon’s plans to grow the bakery come to life, including adding an espresso machine, expanded hours, and even afternoon tea (for which reservations are now open). While working at the restaurant in Los Angeles, Shannon had created and prepared a daily full afternoon tea service, complete with scones, finger sandwiches and miniature sweets. This is one of many fun experiences she wishes to bring to Chanhassen.

Shannon is proud to be a female business owner and to create a work culture based on principles and quality products. The From Scratch team make and serve products with “care for ourselves, our co-workers, our guests, our community, and our environment.” Their mission is to ensure that each customer is listened to, is treated with respect, and leaves with a smile.

The team is also eager to supply goodies for special occasions and large events. Due to the made-fresh nature of their business, the bakers suggest pre-ordering your favorites, especially when seeking large quantities. To keep up with specials and updates, check out their newsletter on their website, www.fromscratchbaking.com, and on Facebook and Instagram under @fromscratchbakingofficial.

Author Credit Martha Cole, Chanhassen Neighbors May 2022

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